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Performance Drilling ("PD") is a completely revolutionary interactive performance training and coaching system that focuses on both knowledge acquisition and behavioral embedding. Thus, it truly drives e-Performance. It is significantly differentiated from traditional training as well as any existing e-Learning.

PD is effective for all marketplaces and every industry that involves verbal interaction. It applies to every job family in sales, service, compliance, managing, and coaching—as well as any other areas that require interpersonal excellence.

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National and International companies alike have seen measurable improvements beyond their expectations, that are unparalleled by other current training methods. You can view more of the data in graph format under the tab for Results Data. Additionally, if you’d like to learn more about the methods used for training and corresponding documented improvement indexes, please contact us either by phone or email.

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Breakthrough PerformanceTech (BPT) will present at Learning Solutions 2011, March 23-24, Performance Drilling, a game-changing Verbal Performance Simulator that guarantees high volumes of deliberate, focused and customized verbal practice, and which allows course authoring in minutes…including realistic fully automated animations. For the first time in history at Learning Solutions, attendees will be able to create fully-animated, interactive customized modules on the spot, and take them home on a free USB drive!

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